A Powerful Approach to Prostate Health

Maharishi Ayurveda Prostate Protection (New Culture Steam)

Even though the prostate seems to be an older man’s health problem, these imbalances begin much earlier in life. The good news is that most prostate problems can be prevented by making simple lifestyle and dietary changes to restore balance.

There are several effective Natural treatments for an enlarged prostate, including a relatively unheard-of treatment that uses steam that may help reduce the size of the prostate and alleviate symptons. This new natural water therapy treatment may use steam to make the prostate smaller by using herbs such as Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Stinging nettle, Red Clover, Prickly lettuce with steam.

In addition to the above treatments, there are some additional tips that a person can implement to treat prostate problems. This procedure is non-invasive.

Include tomatoes in all meals

Alternate between hot and cold therapy every day for about 15 minutes near the prostate gland

Avoid sitting on hard surfaces for a long time

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol; in fact, quitting these habits completely to avoid relapse

Never holding back, the feeling of urination

Never curbing appetite and thirst for long periods of time

Avoid late nights 

Start with some form of exercise everyday

Reduce sexual activity during the treatment

Steaming Procedure

You are in a safe place.

You get undressed from the waist down.  We have you sit on a chair with a padded hole with a sheet wrapped around you so the steam stays in. The sheet will reach all the way to the ground, so it creates a tent around your body. The heavier and thicker the blanket, the hotter the steam will be.  Under the chair will be a lidded pot with herbs. The heat will help extract the volatile oils of the herbs. Most everyone finds the warmth to be relaxing.


YONI-Lingam 30 minutes $60


 Do NOT use essential oils for Culture steams, as they are much too harsh for penis tissue.

 Do NOT steam if cancer is present anywhere in the body.

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*The Lingam (also called Linga) is a symbol of male creative energy and is represented as the dome portion of the altar. The Yoni is a symbol of the goddess of Shakti, female creative energy and is represented as the surrounding area of the Lingam and the “arm” that stretches outward.

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