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Colon Therapy

Schedule an appointment and/or click the link below to learn more about how to begin clearing out the debris from your colon.. today!

Yoni for Women

This is a fabulous way to relax and using special combined herbs you are able to refresh yourself and move with the confidence of a summer breeze.


Dr Liu with years of experience as a medical doctor in china, will be able to share insights into what you can do to assist the body with rejuvenating itself. Call for your private appointment today.

Many say we are very good at these things too.


Far Infrared Sauna

Benefits of a warm relaxing Infrared Sauna...toxins such as alcohol, nicotine, heavy metal, lead, zinc, also relieve pain from poor circulation. This is great after a stressful day. Give us a call at Ancient Therapies Studio 602-254-1585 for your appointment now.


Do you remember having someone rub your feet to the point of total relaxation? Well, this is not that. Just kidding! Did you know that toxins in the body are released via the meridians? This complete process is fascinating, however, what's more interesting we are able to help our body now...and when your feet become exhausted you might want to begin your cleansing process here.

Herbal Consultation

We all have a starting point Here is where Gail-Marie, owner of Ancient Therapies, displays her passion and introduction to assisting those interested in servicing themselves. She will share her knowledge on how to ID herbs and their special qualities. After all...this is a gift from Mother Nature. Call 602-254-1585 for more insight:



Sometimes it is easier to explain a concept, if you are not fully aware of the process, if you use wikipedia... The link below, plus what Ancient Therapies Studio has been implementing for years, will assist the newbie with more insight. Very 21c information.


Yoni/V Steam Bath

There was a time when, personal hygene was a secret. However, now there are solutions for you to use instead of wondering if anyone "else" is aware of your challenge this week/month. Call to set up your appointment today Ancient Therapies 602-254-1585 or click the link and send your request for an appointment now. We do want to keep this a secret...

Phoenix School

Have you considered becoming a Colon Hydro-therapist? You Can! We offer a ten-day....100 hour course given by Arizona One and Only Certified Instructor!!!! SEATING IS LIMITED... Call today and register for next cycle begins in March 2019.

We can help you with the following today đŸ™‚

Colon Therapy 100%
Yoni for Women 85%
Biofeedback 75%
Acupuncture 60%
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