About Us


The mission of Ancient Therapies Studio LLC is to build better futures through the delivery of healthcare and education. 

We embrace culturally diverse communities to provide them with the highest
quality of care.

The Ancient Therapies Studio specializes in Mind-Body-Spirit Holistic Health. We offer a variety
of services to residential clients, as well as vacationers. 

Our services include detoxing each of
the organs, digestive health, natural medicines and wellness programs. We focus on mental,
emotional and health detoxification using natural methods such as juice fasting, exercise, infrared
sauna, colon hydrotherapy, bio-feedback, footbath detox, yoni/ vaginal steam bath and herbal

Our goal is to restore and strengthen the immune system. We take pride in offering a
nurturing environment and tools to restore a happy, long, healthy life.

We specialize in helping people with minor & chronic diseases, naturally.

Ancient Therapies Studio LLC
906 W. Roosevelt St. Suite #3
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 254-1585


I was new to this area known as "colon therapy." However, Gail Marie, the owner was able to help me see the benefits of colon therapy.


When I first attended one of Gail-Marie's classes I was amazed at her knowledge and the easiness of her sessions. She has inspired me to do the same for my clients.


My area of interest and now my expertise are the areas Yoni for Men and Yoni for Women. The benefits for both genders are amazing. Stop by Ancient Therapies for more insight.


Slowly but surely, I became interested in the people stopping by Ancient Therapies to the point where I walked into their clinic and was amazed. I began by starting with a few herb teas and now I am interested in learning more.

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