This place is a sanctuary!!! I went for a Yoni steam with my boyfriend - who steamed as well!!! The benefits and relaxation oh my!!! 
We also went for colon hydrotherapy - which was educational and now we are going back next week for 2 more sessions! 
If you're even thinking about going...GO 

Arielle E. Peoria, AZ

Vivian S.
 Gwynn Oak, MD
 Dr. Gail, Felicia, Dr. Liu & Lucy are the epitome of "beyond" not "above" the bar team service at Ancient Therapies, LLC. My visit to Ancient Therapies came highly recommended by a colleague currently under their care; however, I was unprepared for the treatment I received over the short period of 3 days. The first day I spoke with Dr. Gail over the phone to familiarize her with my current physiological condition and to make appointments to see her upon my arrival the next day from the East Coast. The telecon was lengthy; however at the end I was confident that Ancient Therapies was the ideal establishment to treat me and I was pleased they would accommodate my impromptu visit.

Upon my arrival to Phoenix the next day, I met Dr. Gail who had an exceptional bedside manner and received my initial treatments and education over a period of 3 hours. I can't remember the last time a had a doctor's appointment that exceeded 30 minutes. The third day, I returned for additional treatments with Dr. Gail as well was introduced to Dr. Lui. Dr. Lui much like Dr. Gail had a kind bedside manner and spent extensive time to explain my condition and possible alternatives of treatment. Felicia and Lucy were accommodating at handling the logistical aspects of my visit , explaining the vaginal steaming process and explaining the purpose and dosage of the products I purchased in conjunction with the treatments I received. Why was I not surprised that their respective knowledge of alternative medicine was supported with extensive experience as well. I will return to the East Coast at the end of the week; however, I am gleaming from the medical relationship I have developed at Ancient Therapies LLC and one that will continue long distance. Cudos Ancient Therapies and thank you for assuring me that it's never too late to treat for ANY condition.

Yoni Steam Party with Meditation

Rasheen T.
 Goodyear, AZ
 Had a wonderful experience at this clinic. Kelli did a great job with my colonics. Best I've had yet. Felt great after 1st one so I can only imagine when I finish my sessions. Dr Gail is the most knowledgeable herbalist I've ever spoken with. Can't wait to detox with her supervision. Very confident I'll have healthier days ahead.

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