Imagine having restored vitality, more mental clarity, clear skin, a stronger immune system and looking and feeling healthy. By detoxifying your body, you can enjoy these benefit and more. Feel Better–Ask us about EB-Pro™ ion therapy today!

How Does The EB-Pro™ work?

The EB-Pro™ ion therapy device utilizes direct current to create an electromagnetic ionic field in which the patient places their feet in a water and salt mixture to increase energy and the positively charged cellular activity through the attached array.

Water molecules that pass through the array are split causing the ionic field. The ions are created in two ways.

First as the direct current is passed through the waster via three metals, the hydrogen and oxygen will separate creating ions.

Secondly the softer metals will electronically erode causing further ionization; the ion field can be primarily positive or negative depending upon the electrical polarity going to the array.


As a person is brought near the array the only thing they are exposed to is a low intensity ion field. By immersing your feet in the water you will enable an electrical contact with all the primary meridians in the body.

Change charge density, and you will change the geometry, releasing trapped molecules. Changing the local charge configuration will release material that is ionically bound. The meridians are one of several pathways for toxins released to exit the body. Capillaries and lymphatic channels will also pick up toxins and carry them to the liver and kidneys, where they will be detoxified and/or excreted.

Before and After

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